Woodland Hills Greenbelt Trails

South Woodland Hills is part of the Woodland Hills Trails Association. For more information, please visit www.whtakingwood.org.

Rules and Regulations:

1. The Greenbelts are considered nature areas and not parks.
2. Alterations and / or modifications including digging, addition of man-made material, cutting of trees and flora, graffiti, construction of Motor Cross Trails, bicycle racing tracks, forts, etc are prohibited.
3. Motorized vehicles are prohibited, except vehicles necessary for maintenance and security as specifically authorized by the Board of Directors.
4. Dumping of trash, grass clippings, garbage, litter, etc. on Greenbelt property is strictly forbidden.
5. Owners of property adjoining the Greenbelts may clear Greenbelt property of trees and undergrowth with “trunk” diameter of less than two inches for a distance of 3 feet from their personal property line but any construction or altering of contour will not be allowed. Similarly, such owners may clear a single pathway not more than 3 feet in width between their property and the hard-surfaced Greenbelt, however, such pathways shall not be paved or edged with logs, stones, etc.

6. Fences along the major thoroughfares are Greenbelt property and members who cause damage and /or accelerated deterioration of these fences will be held accountable.
7. Use or possession of guns (BB guns, pellet guns, etc.) and other unsafe activities such as lighting fires on the Greenbelts are prohibited.

8. Dogs and other animals on the Greenbelts must be leashed.

9. Members will be billed for the cost of correction / elimination of any unauthorized alterations of Green-belt property and / or any other violation that can be traced to a specific property owner or his / her dependants or guests.
10. The Greenbelt Trails are closed after dark.
Woodland Hills Trail Map
Drainage Map
Tree Removal Map